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We love all our Moots Riders, whether you bought your Moots brand new or picked its up 2nd, 3rd, or 4th hand! We get a lot of requests to research serial numbers for older frames; we're always happy to help, but it's a time-consuming process.

In exchange for this service we ask for a $10 payment that we will donate to a cycling related nonprofit. (such as IMBA or People for Bikes for example) 


The serial number will be located on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell (where the cranks go in the frame) The serial numbers are hand stamped, so please check the numbers closely! Most Moots serial numbers are 7 digits. The first two numbers are the frame size, followed by a letter (M, O, or T), followed by 4 digits. For example 52T9999 . If the serial number does not start with the frame size it is often a custom size. 

Once you check out and pay we will do our best to reply to you via email within 1 business day. We can provide the year/month of manufacturing, model, and if it is a stock size or custom. If it is a custom we DO NOT have drawing on file. This is the extent of information we have. 

See older catalogs / geometry charts going back to 2009 HERE. We have limited information available online for models per-dating 2009.

Because our bikes are generally made to order we always recommend physically confirming the size and component details for the bike/frame. Your local bike shop (even if they are not a Moots dealer!) can be an excellent resource for sizing/fit and parts compatibility information. As a company policy we do not get involved in the sales of used bicycles and can not consult on their value.