NEW! Moots Sticker Pack

NEW! Moots Sticker Pack

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New Moots sticker pack to show your stoke. Round, sunset, script, hot sauce and two window die-cuts all come in this pack. Dimensions below:

Round green

Mr. Moots since 1981. Sticker measures 3’’ in diameter.

Round orange

A little bit Dutch. Mr. Moots Since 1981. Sticker measures 3’’ in diamter.

Classic Moots script

The logo that started is all. Moots in our classic script. Sticker measures 4’’ x 2’’ tall.

Moots hot sauce

Bicicletas Picante! The Moots hot sauce shelf is no joke. Sticker measures 4’’ tall by 1.25’’ wide.

Moots white logo

The classic Moots white logo. Great for car windows. Sticker measures 5’’ x 1’’

Moots “pill logo” w/Mr. Moots.

Moots “pill logo” with Mr. Moots riding along. Great for car windows or where ever you see fit. Sticker measures 4’’ x 4’’.