Routt ESC

Routt ESC

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You like escaping through the deepest gravel that leads to forgotten two tracks with a single-track loop thrown in for good measure. Your escape route is anything you make it with this set up.

Adding to the legendary Routt line up is the Routt ESC. The Routt ESC is an escape ready drop bar bike that can hold up to a 2.4’’ tire and take you well beyond the far-off routes you’ve been dreaming of. Leaving your front door on a bike that can link your favorite routes together as they turn from pavement to gravel to hidden gems of single track and back again is what the ESC is all about. The ESC is equipped with three frame bottle locations as well as two three pack mounts on the fork to allow for you to get lost without wondering about the next refuel stop. 

This deposit is to initiate your purchase of a ROUTT ESC. After Moots receives your deposit, we will be in contact with you regarding the appropriate size and manufacturing options for your new bike. Please complete the customer information form during the checkout process and this will give us a jump start in getting you set up in the right direction. We are as excited as you are about your new bike and we look forward to finalizing every detail with you.

Order process steps include: 

Step 1: Place a deposit on your Moots model of choice.

Step 2: The Moots Sales Rep for your area will contact you to work through the details of your order, including sizing, build kit and choice of finish. Where possible, we will likely engage a Moots Dealer to coordinate an exact fit specification or delivery to ensure your bike is built according to your needs.  

Step 3: Once details in step 2 are confirmed, your yellow order card is generated, and the manufacturing starts on your new bike. This is when your spot in the queue is solidified.

Step 4: As your frame is being built your parts kit will be arriving. 

Step 5: Yay! Your frame is finished! Your bike will now be packed for shipping to your Moots Dealer, or built up for delivery.  

Step 6: The bike arrives at your Moots Dealer or your doorstep. 

Step 7: Send over some photos of you and your new Moots, we would love to see where you are riding!

Refund policy:  The $1,000 deposit is 100% refundable until order is confirmed via email by customer and Moots during Step 2.  Once we arrive at Step 3 and the yellow order card is submitted, the deposit becomes non-refundable.  

Note: when working with a Moots Dealer, the Dealer may require additional deposit to cover their cost of ordering parts, wheels, or components for your bike, and such deposit would be subject to the terms and conditions of the Dealer.

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